Ambiguity can be a very scary word.  We as humans like to have the world organized, we like to know black from white, good from bad, and kind from cruel.  We often need to know this so badly that we over simplify things.  It’s simply easier to ignore this and run off gut feelings than it is to face the truth- that we are uncertain.

I just got back from watching The Dark Knight again, and beyond the phenomenal acting, action sequences, and directing (yes, I really did like it that much!) there are some more subtle things that attracted me to it.

Though the Joker is the villain, I find myself strangely drawn to him.  In many ways, he is completely insane.  In many others, he is the most sane character in the film.  He acknowledges a lot of the human faults we tend to ignore. Namely, that fear of ambiguity.  He points out that humans only panic when they really think control is lost, which seems very true.  He also understands the psychology of everyone he meets to an amazing extent.  This is in addition to the fact that:

1. He holds values, thought, and ideals above that of material things.

2. He is willing to fight towards those ends no matter what the cost.

3. He’s literally a genius. (those plans wou;dn’t be so perfect otherwise)

Those are all very admiral qualities in my books.  But he is undoubtably an evil character.  This brings me back to my point (which also happens to be The Joker’s point: Analyze things.  Very few things are black and white issues. And most of all, learn to be happy with some uncertainty.




~ by candlehand on November 21, 2008.

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