Hive Minds in a Different Light

My house got robbed a couple weeks ago, so the regular posting will resume when I get a new computer. Sorry everyone! Anyway, on to the post.

Credit to for supplying this video of an amazing bioluminescent deep sea siphonophore.

What we’re seeing here is not one creature, but a collection of countless creatures functioning as one. More information on this particular organism(s) here.

Many people naturally place humans at the top of the biological intelligence ladder, but instances like the one above make me second guess that assertion. Humans have a kind of intelligence other animals do not, but we lack the will to work together. We pride ourselves on logic, but somehow we can’t conclude that working together increases everyone’s well being. Humans flourish with creativity and manipulation of our world, but remember, there are in fact ants that have mastered agriculture.


~ by candlehand on December 25, 2008.

One Response to “Hive Minds in a Different Light”

  1. But you see, do those Ants have STYLE?

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