DIY to the max!

We’ve all heard of the explosion in “do it yourself” thought that has been gaining popularity recently, but the public seems to be taking scientific work into their hands.  According to Yahoo News, there have been people digging into the field of genetic engineering- right in their basements!  It will be incredibly interesting to see if any important discoveries arise from these genetic “homebrewers.”

Though there is a frightening aspect to the fact that anyone with a few thousand dollars can manipulate the building blocks of life, this marks an interesting social turning point.  Before this, all scientific discoveries were either funded by the government or by multi-billion dollar corporations.  With the government spending money everywhere BUT the sciences, and those companies interested in nothing more than profit, this could be a huge leap for the scientific community.  If people catch on to home based “science projects”, it could mark the end of a controlled scientific world.  More and more knowledge could be free to everyone.  True, as stated earlier, bad may, and probably will, come of this eventually, but the possibilities for good seem limitless.  It’s time for the people to take the future in their own hands!


~ by candlehand on January 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “DIY to the max!”

  1. yes, the field of genetic manipulation is a fast-growing field. And there is so much to be said either way – however the ethical question that is posed; Do the benefits of gentically moifying organisms outweigh the potential grief and horrors?

    The truth is, although this is the field I want to eventually head in legally, I still haven’t personally defined how I feel within myself.

    I do beleive that stem cell research and genetic modifications should be legal, however, it should be HEAVILY monitored. I don’t see the issue in using stem cell research for organ transplants; there aren’t enough organ donors to support the people with mutilated body parts. However, when it comes to transplanting one gene from one organism and splicing it into the gentic sequence of another organism, that gets a little touchy for me. A force much greater than any human created all organisms and they have evolved very well on their own – I think that human consumerism is no excuse for gentically modifying food so that it has a faster growing season, alitting for more harvests per year.

  2. Always a cheaper way to accomplish something : )

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