India’s Nano

A company in India, Tata, has officially launched the world’s cheapest car, called the Nano.  The  ten foot long nano sells for just under $2,000, and hopefully will give Indians an affordable alternative to the motorbikes that have become popular there.  As a car, it’s pretty bare bones, with a max speed of about 65 mph, manual steering, and no air conditioner or air bags.  With such a small engine, it also has fairly few emmissions- not that it particularly tries to be environmentally friendly, but it’s  kind of the antithesis of something like a Hummer.

Something like this could probably never be sold successfully in the United States, but it’s good to see “economy” products used in a way that makes sense.  In other words, if you couldn’t afford a car at all before, it’s nice to see someone has finally catered to that need.

The BBC news website also opened an interesting discussion article about the topic.

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Also thanks to Corbie for bringing this to my attention.


~ by candlehand on March 24, 2009.

One Response to “India’s Nano”

  1. Granted, that is just the standard model, they will be offering upgraded models. Tata plans to start exporting their vehicles in the next two years, North America being one of their targets. Their is some demand for cheap fuel efficient vehicles in the US, but we would never see something for as low as $3,000 brand new, especially imported. What concerns me is the quality of the vehicle. Will it last for a few years and need many repairs or will it last for many years with standard maintenance?

    With the variety of vehicles on the road today in the USA, I would not feel safe driving this thing. Definitely makes sense in India though. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens in the coming months/years with Tata, and the auto industry in general.

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