India’s Nano

A company in India, Tata, has officially launched the world’s cheapest car, called the Nano.  The  ten foot long nano sells for just under $2,000, and hopefully will give Indians an affordable alternative to the motorbikes that have become popular there.  As a car, it’s pretty bare bones, with a max speed of about 65 mph, manual steering, and no air conditioner or air bags.  With such a small engine, it also has fairly few emmissions- not that it particularly tries to be environmentally friendly, but it’s  kind of the antithesis of something like a Hummer.

Something like this could probably never be sold successfully in the United States, but it’s good to see “economy” products used in a way that makes sense.  In other words, if you couldn’t afford a car at all before, it’s nice to see someone has finally catered to that need.

The BBC news website also opened an interesting discussion article about the topic.

-Info via

Also thanks to Corbie for bringing this to my attention.


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